Baseball Bikers

This was a story that had all the elements. A group of friends biking across the country, a very unique goal to be achieved, good ole American baseball, conquering adversity along the way and a dramatic twist that would make their prize seem unattainable. You would think the script came straight out of Hollywood given the fact that the MLB players went on strike right during the middle of their trek. We shot the kid’s interview and shots of him riding around in Kula, Maui, but the most important material to tell the story was sorely lacking. All I had to work with was some home movies and still photos taken by the guys during their trip. The challenge was to weave an interesting story using presentable clips from the home movies and stills. Again, it was music that came to my rescue. More than ever this made me aware of how important it is to use music as an integral part of the story and never treat it as just a part of the background.

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