Hawaiian Voyaging Canoe

Sometimes you work on a story that really makes you feel inspired and hopeful for a brighter future. Shot on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, the production was the perfect amalgam of location, weather, subject matter and discovery. It’s a classic story of a wise mentor passing his knowledge down to the next generation and the chance to discover one’s own cultural heritage. The voyaging canoe Makali’i is indeed a bridge between two worlds, between the modern and historical. It was such a pleasure to watch the relationship between the mentors and kids and the developing friendships among the whole group. This story teaches us many things which sadly many have forgotten today: personal responsibility, descent human relationships, and a gratitude and respect for the past and the future. It was a visual feast for my eyes, from the warm “magic hour” sunlight of the afternoon preceding the sail to the gloriously bright sun and deep blue ocean of the following day. I live for moments like these when it becomes crystal-clear why I love this work so much.

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