Jim Nabors’ Maui Mac Nut Farm

Jim Nabors is one of the most gracious and nicest people you will ever meet. That is really the main point I want to make with this story. Jim has been an international celebrity for decades and has made Hawaii his home since 1976. We had worked with him before on several projects and when we found out about his Macadamia Nut farm and house on Maui we had to check it out. He flew us out from Honolulu on his private plane to the tiny airport in Hana, Maui. Just as we exited the plane a thunderstorm came through and ruined our plans to shoot that day. Jim insisted that we spend some time at the house where his sister cooked up a really extravagant lunch for us. The rain never abated that day so we rescheduled the shoot and he flew us back to Honolulu. On the next attempt he flew us to Hana again and this time we were blessed with good weather. The property is expansive and stretches all the way to a spectacularly rugged coastline. It is bordered on one side by a Hawaiian Heiau and in addition to the Mac Nut trees there are huge Mango trees and many varieties of tropical flowers as well. Jim was very patient with us as we asked him to be on camera to give us a tour and drove us to different areas of his property. All in all, a great story to produce and edit and I’m very happy with the results.

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