Swiss Army Knife Factory

The Victorinox company was founded in 1884 in the town of Ibach, Switzerland and their main claim to fame is the craftsmanship of the famous Swiss Army Knife. We were given an inside look and spent the day shooting in various parts of the factory. The challenge was to shoot the most relevant parts of the manufacturing process for the story in the short time allotted. Some of the steps such as the sharpening process is a trade secret so we could not show them. It’s essential for this kind of story to make sure everything is shot from multiple angles and frame sizes to enable match editing during post. I made sure that the cut to different frame sizes or angles occurred on a movement so that the edit would flow smoothly between shots to convey the mechanics of the machinery. We met a woman who can assemble a complete multi-purpose knife in under three minutes so I decided to speed up the video during this sequence to highlight her skill. We were very impressed with the factory and the skill and friendliness of the people.

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