The Lava Man

We met Germany’s Matthias Wendt on a few occasions as he passed through town and each time he had spectacular footage from his latest journey to the Big Island’s Kilauea Volcano. There are many people who have been critical of the way he goes about getting his footage and the National Park Service has a real concern that his methods might inspire copycats. There’s no doubt he does some very risky things like building sculptures from lava taken from an active flow on site, riding a bicycle through and running on molten lava, etc. However, no one can deny the footage he gets is absolutely unique and his images of the volcano’s lava flows are phenomenal. So his footage had to take center stage in this story and I incorporated his interview in an organic manner appearing to be embedded into his images. I put a red gel on his hair light to add just a subtle impression of heat. My choice of music would also be the key to setting the mood of the piece and to drive the pacing. Visit the USGS site for updates on the ongoing eruption.

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